via Iseo, 13 - 20900 Monza (MB) - IT
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via Iseo, 13  -  20900 Monza (MB) - IT

Estimates, valuations and real estate brokerage services

Estimates and valuations in Monza, Milan, Italy

Giving your data and the characteristics of your house you could obtain, in a short time, an economical estimate completely free of charge without any commitment from your side.

Our experience and knowledge of the true market values of the real estate allows us to give fair and realistic estimations..

This can permit to strike in a reasonable time any selling negotiation, and in case of land or houses to be restored, the type of investment more suitable and possible margins that could be obtained.

Real estate brokerage services in province of Monza Brianza

Our real estate offers are published on the most known dedicated magazines and through local posters. I addition they are proposed in the new media: our website through the most known real estate portals that can guarantee our visibility in the web.

The major attention is devoted to the location of the most advantageous payment condition for the purchaser and the seller.

Mortgages and payment extensions are agreed thanks to the advice and the collaboration of efficient financial experts.

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